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No trading experience? With there is no trading experience needed. Our experienced trading professionals have created an investment plan so easy to use, even investors with zero trading experience are successfully making a profit. Just choose our 26 Day Investment Program and let do the rest!

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Headquartered in the UK, is a leading financial company specialising in Bitcoin trading. We are skilled traders, trading daily on a wide range of markets. This ensures that our team has the knowledge and experience needed to create successful trading platform like this.

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The team of trading professionals at wanted to create an investment platform that was both easy to use and secure. The result? One of the industry’s easiest to use and most secure platforms available.

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why choose Bitreward?

  • Remarkably High Returns offers the highest returns on the market! We guarantee 156% return within 26 days with a 6% daily dividend. That means that 2.15% of that is profit! You won’t find a higher return than that anywhere!
  • Secure System

    The website of was created using secured and tested script, the highest DDOS protection provided by DDOS-Guard as well as COMODO SSL encryption. This means absolutely secure communication between our server and investors.
  • No Trading Experience Needed

    Why is so easy to use? With, you don’t need any trading experience because you don’t actually do any trading. Just make a deposit, let our team of professional traders do their thing and collect your daily profits.
  • Fast Withdrawals offers fast withdrawals of your profits. If you choose to withdraw your funds, usually the funds will be available in your e-currency wallet just a few hours. We process withdraw request 7 days a week, minimum for withdraw is only $1 and there is no fee.
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Company News

  • Investment plan update
  • Dear members, We have great news for you! Today our program has already passed a mark of one month of its activity. Thanks to our stability and excellent performance gains from bitcoin trading, we have decided to revise the accrual system of profits, and make it even more modern and profitable. Our new and the only investment plan: 6% daily for 26 days !!! this means that your deposit will make more profit from now, it is 56% net ((previously you got 26%). Our “six percent daily” investment plan was thoughtfully created to secure a steady return of precisely six percent interest on a daily basis, The interest is calculated on every calendar day basis (Monday through Sunday every week) throughout the twenty-six days period of your investment. At the end of the twenty-six days, your principle investment expires and you enjoy the total return of one hundred and fifty-six percent on that initial investment. Now it is enough to create one in order to have a steady income! We thank all the participants of our program. We will continue to work hard and make project better, in the near future, we will give you more development of our project, stay tuned!
  • Jan-18-2018 04:20:30 PM     Read more

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