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Earn 11% daily profit now Dear members,
Again we have great news for you!
Today our program has already passed a mark of 50 days of its activity, we thank for your great support! According to numerous requests from our members and visitors to launch a new investment plan so that they can quickly recover loss from cryptocurrencies trading in the past few days. now we decide to revise the accrual system of profits, and make it more profitable for our members.

Our new and the only investment plan: 11% daily for 10 business days !!!

this means that your deposit return is 110% in just 10 business days ( 2 weeks ), and you enjoy 10% stable profit.
Important: All existing active deposits in the old plan will continue to be served before the expiration of the plan. You will still be able to withdraw your profits daily or you can make a deposit in a new plan right from your balance.
Again we thank all our customers's great support and we will continue to make project better.
Feb-7-2018 11:12:57 AM
Investment plan update Dear members,
We have great news for you! Today our program has already passed a mark of one month of its activity. Thanks to our stability and excellent performance gains from bitcoin trading, we have decided to revise the accrual system of profits, and make it even more modern and profitable.

Our new and the only investment plan: 6% daily for 26 days !!!

this means that your deposit will make more profit from now, it is 56% net ((previously you got 26%). Our “six percent daily” investment plan was thoughtfully created to secure a steady return of precisely six percent interest on a daily basis, The interest is calculated on every calendar day basis (Monday through Sunday every week) throughout the twenty-six days period of your investment. At the end of the twenty-six days, your principle investment expires and you enjoy the total return of one hundred and fifty-six percent on that initial investment. Now it is enough to create one in order to have a steady income!
We thank all the participants of our program. We will continue to work hard and make project better, in the near future, we will give you more development of our project, stay tuned!

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