Welcome to We strive to protect your personal information and ensure the confidentiality and security of your information. The following privacy policy outlines the types of to collect personal information. It also explains why we collect information and how we use it. Privacy is important. If you have any questions or if you believe does not comply with this Privacy Policy, please contact us immediately.


We collect device-related information, server log information, and other types of anonymous information when you visit, when you become a customer. In addition, we collect personal information and financial information when you register and use your account. Why we want to collect your personal information

we as brokers and investment advisors for our clients and are required under British law to collect certain information. We use your personal information to maintain your account, provide customer service, and enhance the customer experience. We use aggregated personal information and non-personal information to enhance and supervise and protect the security of our services.


As required by law, we will not sell, rent or disclose personal information to any third party trading user provided by this Privacy Policy, through your consent, or.


In order to operate and manage the provision of financial services, we need some personal information. If you are not comfortable with to provide personal information, then our service will not be useful to you, you will not be able to open our account.


Through the use and continuation of the use of website, mobile applications and / or services, or otherwise provide us with personal information (such as e-mail address), the terms of your agreement and the conditions of this Privacy Policy and any updates thereto. This is our entire and exclusive privacy policy and supersedes any earlier versions. Our Terms of Service take precedence over any conflicting privacy policy.


In order to provide better service, collects all kinds of information when you visit the service or register as a customer. As a visitor
we collect all kinds of information about visitors, such as device-related information (browser type, IP address) and server log information (date and time of your visit day). We also collect information that you put into our website. We use this information to better understand our audience and our business, provide the services or information you request, and improve the service. As an individual
When you choose to create a account, we will also collect some personal information, including your legal name, email address, permanent address and date of birth. In order to provide financial services, we must also collect some additional information, including your social security number and financial status. You can choose not to provide this information but do not provide it, you can not become customers. In addition to the registration process, if you use the site, we may collect various other types of personal information. We collect your e-mail address as part of our customer referral service, or if you subscribe to the blog. If you decide to comment on the blog, we will also collect your name. In addition, we may also collect personal information if you contact us or otherwise give it to us (for example, in an email).


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer, phone or other device. Pixels are a site that allows other servers to measure a web page and typically use a small code block on a cookie connection. We customize to improve your experience on the site using these technologies. Cookies store anonymous information, such as whether you are browsing from a mobile device site. We may store some personal information in cookies and / or pixels, such as your visit to and enable us to improve your user experience and use it for marketing purposes regarding financial information immediately before visiting the site. In addition, we can use cookies and / or pixels, just save anonymous information to track visitors across the site in order to better customize our marketing and advertising campaigns. Cookies, pixels, and the like do not need to be used for the functionality of the site. You do not need to accept any cookies or pixels using this site. However, refusing to accept cookies or pixels will use is more cumbersome and difficult to enter.

HOW DO WE USE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION? way, with this privacy policy used by personal identities and other collected information. We use your personal information to enhance the customer experience, operate and maintain your account, according to UK law, investigate how uses, monitors and protects the security and completeness and better market And promote the services of As part of this process, we may from time to time gather some of the personal information in some data analysis, reporting, or internal and external investment trends to explain your personal information. In aggregating personal information, we ensure that the information does not identify any particular customer.


We will not sell, rent or disclose personal information with any third party without your consent or legal requirements. In order to provide financial services, we may share your personal information with third parties, such as consumer authentication services and accounting firm, for your service as a client. We have entered this information confidentiality agreement that requires these third parties. If we carry out our business through, we can exchange information with our professional investment or with others who can authorize the collection of information.


Once you have registered with, you can access your profile, view the stored information, and modify the information. Due to regulatory requirements in the UK, we do not remove the remaining copies of outdated information and must keep all customer data for at least three years.

PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION works hard to protect your personal information. We use a variety of physical and electronic protection measures to keep your information safe. We use the most powerful browser to provide encryption, store all of our data on secure facility servers, and implement system processes and procedures for protecting and storing data. We restrict access to your personal information and financial information only with authorized access to the staff, we need to work with, agree to keep your information confidential to third parties. In addition, if you choose to close your account or account is terminated with us, we will continue to adhere to the privacy policies and practices listed here. If you think you have access to the account through our website or mobile application, it is your responsibility to protect and maintain your account and password confidential and restrict access to your computer.


Online tracking is used to provide targeted advertising about personal internet activity data as well as for other purposes. Customers using some modern browsers must activate the ability to "do not track" signals. does not currently respond to the "no track" signal.


We can post this privacy policy, which is your responsibility to review the new version of this privacy policy. Any changes to the privacy policy will be reflected on this page and will be released immediately after the entry into force. We encourage you to review this privacy policy regularly to keep abreast of how we protect the personally identifiable information we collect. If the changes are significant, will do your best to notify you via email or on the website. Please check the effective date below to determine if there have been any changes, as you have finally reviewed the Privacy Policy.